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Malverns Worldwide - a friendship project

by the Friends of Malvern Springs and Wells
4 Hall Green
Great Malvern
United Kingdom
WR14 3QX
Telephone: +44 (0)1684 561 215

St Werstan in Malvern
alverns now exist around the world and their numbers are increasing. This project is an initiative to bring about active friendship between all Malverns. It is masterminded by the Friends of Malvern Springs and Wells from Great Malvern, England.
To find out more about specific Malverns - click on the name in the index below or email our International Envoys at the foot of the index. Where we have linked to a local web site, the link may not work for local reasons such as the web site is down.
alvern Hill Virginia lies in Henrico County. This is the site of the Seven Days Battle of the American Civil War and is protected by the National Park Service. It is one of the oldest settlements in America. It was originally part of an estate and stately home granted by James I to Admiral Sir George Somers, whose family lived in Lyme Regis, England. On his death in 1610 his estate passed to his nephew Matthew Somers and then to Richard Cocke. By 1632 Richard Cocke was a member of the Government of Virginia. Click here to view YouTube.
alvern Alabama took its name from Malvern, Virginia. This tiny lumber village was named by Civil War soldiers in honour of comrades who died in the Seven Days Battle of Malvern Hill. It lies in Geneva County and has a population of about 1000.

alvern Arkansas was named by a civil engineer who saw a resemblance between the Arkansas Hills and Malvern Hill Virginia. The earliest inhabitants were Native Americans followed by trappers, hunters and farmers. Malvern later flourished as a brick making centre for many years but is now famous as the gateway town to the Hot Springs National Park and the county seat for Hot Spring County. (population c. 10,000)
alvern, Chester County, Pennsylvania No official origin to the naming of the Borough of Malvern remains, although several theories abound. Today the buildings reflect the Victorian era when much of the town was built. The area was originally settled by Welsh immigrants in the 17th century who bought land from William Penn. (population 3,450) Click here to view YouTube.
alvern Illinois, a small agricultural hamlet, was named by the local postmaster after Malvern Pennsylvania. It lies in Whiteside County just off the Lincoln Highway near the town of Morrison. Malvern dates from the mid 19th century and still retains its water mill which is a protected building albeit not still operating. 
alvern Texas is a township founded in 1839 in the cattle raising country just west of the Davy Crockett National Forest. A post office here opened in 1879 and was named Hardin's Store. When the Harding family left in 1900, the township was renamed by the local postmaster after the Malvern in Pennsylvania. (population in 1940 was 128). Malvern lies midway between Dallas and Houston in Leon County. Centreville is the county seat of Leon County about 15 miles west of Malvern along highway 7.
alvern Ohio was located on a canal that brought prosperity to the local economy that was a major producer of Malvern bricks. In the 19th century the canal fell into disuse with the coming of the railway. Then in the 20th century first the brickyard and then the railway closed and the populace moved away. Located in Carroll County near the historic Lincoln Highway, the population is still around 1200. Today it is a quiet township with a herd of buffalo and a Historical Society.  Malvern was first established in 1806 and was named after Malvern England. Click here to view YouTube
alvern Iowa The pioneer village of Milton was established in the fall of 1869. It was later renamed Malvern when it was discovered that there was already another Milton in Iowa. It prospered as a farming town and today Malvern is a rural community with its own infrastructure. Malvern, Iowa is situated just 38 miles southeast of Omaha. Located in Mills County, Malvern sits just off U.S. Hwy. 34. The former rail-road connection is now a cycle track. In the recent census, Malvern had a population of 1,142. Click here to view YouTube.
alvern, Oneida County, Wisconsin lies just north of the Interstate 8 and prospered as a logging settlement as a result of the railway connecting it to the world at large. Malvern was established circa October 1882, when a railroad spur was built from Monico to Rhinelander. The naming was after the Battle of Malvern Hill in 1862. When the railroad closed the hamlet virtually ceased to exist. Malvern today is an unincorporated community located in the town of Pelican 6.5 miles south-east of Rhinelander.
alverne New York was founded between the two World Wars on Long Island. The land was once occupied by the Rockaway Indians. Named after Malvern, England, it grew rapidly after WWII as a residential suburb. The 'e' was added in error by the Long Island Railroad and never rectified. (population 1,600) It is now a vibrant community near the sandy south shore beach.
alvern Ontario (Canada) was named by David Brown who became postmaster of a nameless hamlet in 1856/7. He was born in Malvern Link, a suburb of Great Malvern, England. At the time, growing flax and hemp for making rope and linen where the principal occupations. Now a suburb of Toronto, the population is over 44,000.
alvern Maryland is located in Towson, just north of Baltimore and within Baltimore County. Maryland lies on the US east coast and Baltimore is between New York and Washington.
alvern Hills North Carolina is a locality that prospered in the 19th century as a spa resort. It was 1827 when Robert Henry discovered  the Sulphur Springs at Asheville.  Three years later he developed a hotel on the hill above the springs. 
This was in the center of what is now Malvern Hills, and the 'healing waters' were very popular.  The Sulphur Springs Hotel was the first of its kind in Western North Carolina, and was once a tourist attraction for wealthy planters to the area during summers.  By the 1840s almost 500 visitors per season visited the location when other recreation facilities were developed in the grounds. Today it is a largely residential area although the Springs Pagoda survives as a ruin..

alvern Jamaica is a settlement that was founded in the mid-19th century high in the Santa Cruz mountains. At approximately 760 metres in height, it was formerly a health resort for wealthy planters and landowners. Today it is renowned for schools and is considered to have the most delightful climate on earth. The population is about 3,440. Click here to view MAP
alvern Barbados is a township on the border of St John and St Joseph parishes. Here Malvern, a former sugar plantation of some 315 acres (1913), survives. It lies on a 250m plateau behind Hackleton's Cliff on a similar latitude to Holetown, which is on the west coast. Bridgetown on the west coast was a major international port for slave traffic. African slave labour was imported to grow the sugar in the fierce equatorial climate. There were 160 enslaved individuals recorded in Malvern in 1808. Ownership of the Malvern Plantation can be traced to 1652 when it passed from Richard Ellis to Seth Rowley. In 1802 Francis Shorey Bayley became the owner, passing it to his son Sir Francis Souper Bayley in 1808. During this period the locality was named Malvern. Click here to view 1747 MAP with the location of Malvern Plantation encircled.
alvern, Melbourne, Victoria originally founded by John Gardiner from Leamington UK. In 1856 it was sold to Charles Skinner whose family came from Ledbury, England near the Malvern Hills where he had wealthy ancestors. The area was formally named Malvern (pronounced mole-vern) in 1878 and is now part of Stonnington. (population 20,100)
alvern Adelaide was a planned settlement dating from the latter part of the 19th century and is now part of the City of Unley, South Australia. The Malvern in Victoria (mole!) and the Malvern (mall!) in Adelaide are pronounced differently! (population 3,600)
alvern New South Wales lies in Croydon, 10km from Sydney, It is a model suburb of inter-war housing dating from 1909 The Strand shopping area was built between 1913 and 1920 as an elegant boulevard between the railway station and the salubrious residential streets of Malvern Hill. This is considered a fine example of town planning and architectural fashions and is designated a conservation area.
alvern Hills range, Queensland lies in a sparsely populated area used for cattle/sheep ranging. Malvern Hills is situated just off the Wooroolah Creek. The area comprises open downs with occasional trees and scrub situated about 860km west-northwest of Brisbane. It lies about 256m above sea level. Nearby is Malvernton where there is a railway station and Malvernton Bore. The area has recently (2011) been added to the Paraway Cattle Stations of central Queensland making a cattle rearing landscape exceeding 50,000 hectares. Blackall is the nearest town about 35kms. to the east (population c.1400). (click here for Road Train)
alvern Springs, is a new township development in Ellenbrook, near Perth, Western Australia first identified in our Newsletter 50. (click M left to view) It is about half an hour travelling time from the city. Houses are now for sale in this recently named scheme,  celebrating the springs and wells of the Malvern Hills in England. A major consideration in the planning of Malvern Springs is the conservation of the high quality natural environment which includes wetlands.
alvern New Zealand lies on South Island and was founded in 1877 as part of the Christchurch and Canterbury Settlement by John Robert Godley. Eventually Malvern, South Malvern and East Malvern were amalgamated in 1989 and renamed Sheffield in the Selwyn District of Canterbury on the east coast. This area of great natural beauty is under the watchful eye of the Malvern Hills Protection Society.
alvern Johannesburg dates back to 1889, and was closely linked to the Jumpers Mine across the railway line in neighbouring Cleveland. Those early miners were from Cornwall. In those early days the suburb was known as Morristown, named after lawman Hyman Morris. In 1904 its name changed to Malvern, believed to be named after Malvern in England, a health spa with rolling green hills. The association was made because the verdant ridges of Malvern offered a pleasant respite from the bustling, dusty gold-rush town of Johannesburg. Located some five kilometres from the city centre, the suburb has its own slogan "The village suburb for families where neighbours are side-by-side friends." Today Malvern is noted for its friendliness and has a newsletter called 'Malvern Matters'.(population 10,550) It is sometimes referred to as Malvern East and is linked by the metro. 
alvern Durban is a dormitory town as well as a local industrial hub. The hilly area was settled by people working in Durban who wanted to escape the humidity of the coastal city. In 1924, four residential townships in the area, Malvern, Escombe, Northdene and Moseley combined to form the town of Malvern. In 1952, to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's coronation, Malvern received municipality status, forming part of Queensburgh. It is linked to the city centre by metro.
alvern College lies near Kampala in former Uganda.
alvern Harare is a dormitory suburb in former Rhodesia which lies to the south west of Harare city centre. Harare was called Salisbury until 1982 and is the capital and most populous city of Zimbabwe. The Pioneer Column, a military volunteer force of settlers organised by Cecil Rhodes, founded the city on 12 September 1890 as a fort originally named Fort Salisbury after The 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, then British prime minister. There is also mention of Lord Malvern High School of Salisbury Rhodesia. This is located at Waterfall, 15km from Harare.
alvern is a farming area in the Aberdares formerly in Mau-Mau lands. The Aberdare Range is a 160 km long mountain range of upland, north of Kenya's capital Nairobi with an average elevation of 3,500 metres (11,480 ft). A group comprising the sons and daughters of Mau Mau fighters in Kenya's struggle for independence went to the Aberdare Range and some roads were renamed after the freedom fighters.

alverne near Cape Town   Clos Malverne is a  wine estate in Devon Valley Road near Stellenbosch in Western Cape Province, about 50 km. east of Cape Town. It was known as Malvern Heights and was named by former owner Col. J Billingham after the Malvern Hills in England. Comprising 10 hectares it was purchased in 1969 by Seymour Pritchard who later added the prefix 'Clos' to the name in order to give it a French wine connection with the town of Clos in France.

alvern Shropshire  Quatt Malvern is a village parish about 4 miles south-east of Bridgnorth on the A442 road. The name Quatt supposedly originates from the Celtic word for wood, 'Coed', and a Saxon word for farm, 'Tun'. Together they formed 'Coed-ton', i.e. 'Farm in the Wood'. The village name appears in Doomsday as 'Quatone'. Eventually this was abbreviated to Quatt. The name Malvern was added in 1127 AD when King Henry 1st acted as purveyor of a Hide of Land (about 30 acres) at Quatone to the Priory of Great Malvern. 
The Priory was being completed about this time and the gift was a means of funding the new establishment. Today there is a population of about 200 and the parish includes Dudmaston Hall, a listed building and estate owned by the National Trust. Over the centuries the gift of land has been controversial however the formal naming has been retained and is particularly used on official and legal documents.  
alvern Warwickshire Malvern Hall is a former stately home just east of Solihull parish church in Warwickshire. It comprises an early 18th century  mansion that over the years has been much altered. The Hall lies in extensive landscaped gardens that are the principal surviving local area that bears the name Malvern.  Former occupants whose coats of arms are displayed on the entrance gate posts are Lewes, Greswolde and Tollemache.  
Other significant local buildings that are designated Malvern include Malvern Park Farm, also once known as Witley or Whitely and Malvern House. The late 16th century farm house lies about half a mile south of the parish church. Malvern House lies between the church and Malvern Hall. Today Malvern Hall is a girl's school and the historic farm house a private residence.
alvern Lodge   The rural hamlet of Malvern Lodge lies on the crest of Chew Hill, about a mile north of the village of Chew Magna in Avon and about 8 miles south of Bristol. Two roads head north from Chew Magna and Malvern is located between these two roads. In addition Malvern Water Tower is a landmark just to the right of Chew Hill road on the crest of the hill.

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Top Right: From Malvern Springs the Flow of Friendship -  during the reign of Edward the Confessor, Saint Werstan established his religious cell in what became known as Malvern and this led to the founding of the medieval Great Malvern Priory in England - the first and original Malvern. Within three years he was killed by the Celts who objected to his intrusion. Not only the Founding Martyr Saint, he is also Patron Saint of our springs and wells. Although now usually viewed in a non-religious context, St Werstan thereby became the founding father of the many Malverns throughout the world.  Malvern Spring Waters flow out from the Malvern Hills in England and trigger abundant life in the surrounding lands, a metaphor for the friendship percolating throughout Malverns worldwide. To discover more about the founding of Great Malvern, the original Malvern from which others originated click 'Malverns' at the top of the web page text. 

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