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Newsletter No. 3

November 2004

Dear Well Warden


Discovering Springs and Wells lecture by Cora Weaver and Bruce Osborne - the Civic Society have now announced details of the lecture to which Well Wardens are invited and welcomed. As previously advised it will take place on 11 February next year. The venue is the Christchurch Hall in Avenue Road commencing 7.30. This is an exciting opportunity to meet other Springs and Wells enthusiasts and to catch up on what is happening around the hills. Please bring this letter with you if you are not a full member of the Civic Society.


Civic Society and Malvern Spa Association update - earlier this year the Civic Society terminated the incorporation of the Malvern Spa Association and this left the Well Wardens in a dilemma as to how we continue to affiliate with each body.  The current status is that we have agreed in writing with the Chairman of the Civic Society that we will continue as previous. With regard to the MSA, we have agreed in writing to the principal of operating as independent working groups coming together as appropriate to further Springs and Wells. There is a meeting later this month with the Chairman of the MSA to discuss arrangements. A web site is planned in due course for those who wish to learn more details about the background to these discussions.


Are you being hijacked? At least one group of people is working on a look-alike scheme involving Well Wardens. Our belief is that there is no future in such because it divides rather than consolidates everyone's enthusiasm and goodwill to the detriment of Springs and Wells overall. You do not need to be a member of any other organisation to be a Well Warden and there are no membership obligations or fee, other than just to keep an occasional watchful eye on your favourite spring or well and let us know if you spot anything untoward.

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Best wishes, Cora & Bruce
Bruce Osborne, Tower House, Tadworth, Surrey. KT20 5QY
Tel. 01737 213169   email
Cora Weaver, 4 Hall Green, Malvern, Worcs. WR14 3QX            
Tel. 01684 561215   email

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