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Newsletters 26-50

NEWSLETTER 50 dated February 2013.
St Werstan Award for Bottling Works Spring, Fountains Elsewhere - Eastbourne, Well Digging question answered, Dowsing and water Divining, Water fountain Newport IOW, British Spas Federation Archive, Elsenham Water, Water Contamination, New Malvern Springs Australia, Making Holy Water, Wells House and Holy Well Chapel Restoration.
NEWSLETTER 49 dated January 2013.
New Malvern Springs and Wells DISCOVERY TRAIL, spa archive, Ghosts from the Past Colwall Bottling Works, is our climate deteriorating? Malvern Well Decorating Competitor, Well Gossip, Review: Diseased, Douched and Doctored, Digging a Well.
NEWSLETTER 48 dated December 2012.
Celebrated Springs book for Christmas, Rachel's Mulberry Trees, St Werstan Award for Bottling Works Spring, Wandering Fountain IOW, Magic Lantern Show Malvern Museum, Well Decorating and Malvern Spa Tourism Association history, Cora's notes on Mulberry Trees, Remote Information QR Codes.
NEWSLETTER 47 dated November 2012.
Czech visitors, presentation and exhibition in Malvern Museum, St Werstan Award Bottling Works Spring, QR Codes, Preparing for Malvern Gold Rush, Colwall Factory Archive, Courtyard Fountain, Celebrated Springs Book Perfect Christmas Present, Diary Dates, St Lawrence Well Dressing, Fergussons back.
NEWSLETTER 46 dated October 2012.
Joanna's Well Discovered and saved, First Mulberry Tree in England, Thar's Gold in them thar Malvern 'ills, St Werstan Nomination - Bottling Works Spring, Conservators, Holywell Road, Andy's Pump, Lady's Dreams in West Malvern.
NEWSLETTER 45 dated August 2012.
Celebrated Springs of the Malvern Hills books delivered for book launch at Gateway to the Springs and Wells, book cover dish, Grindrod's Fountain restored, Marienbad, Joanna's Well help wanted, St Werstan still under attack after 1000 years, G-Spot resolved? D-Spot at Lower Wyche Spout, Tiles at Sciacca Spa, Sicily.
NEWSLETTER 44 dated July 2012.
Mount Pleasant Gateway to the springs and wells, Celebrated Springs of the Malvern Hills book launch, Quick Sand - Friends or Foe, Gateway to the Hills, Archaeology Discovery at Royal Malvern Spa, Poxwell - Dorset, book launch voucher.
NEWSLETTER 43 dated June 2012.
Well Decorating, Founders Prize - St Matthias School - Lord Sandys' Spout, Hillside Cottage spring water, Why do we do it? Stone Bottle Fountain and plaque unveiling at Three Counties Showground, Mulberry Tree update, Recreate the past or move forward? Gateway to the Hills.
NEWSLETTER 42 dated May 2012.
Gateway to the Hills, Gold Mine - new evidence, Shepherd's Well, Dulcitone and Blind George, Malvern Waters on Town Arms, Edward the Confessor's Malvern and St Werstan, Well Decorating.
NEWSLETTER 41 dated March 2012.
Lord Sandys' Spout renovated, St Werstan Award at Community Hospital, Mystery Well, Water the Healer ancient wisdom, Droitwich Spa WWI advertisement, Statistics of deaths at wells, Tudor Hotel Apartments, New MalvernWaters.co.uk web site, recycling water bottles, Well Decorating 2012, new water feature Belle Vue Terrace, Confetti thought.
NEWSLETTER 40 dated January 2012.
Stone Bottle Fountain saved, Colwall factory sold, British Camp book review, OOooops getting Tank House listed, Foley Fountain damaged and restored, Ian Rowat to retire, Colwall Bottling Works artefacts moved to Malvern Museum store, mystery of Foley Fountain water supply.

NEWSLETTER 39 dated October 2011.
Grindrod's Fountain restored, new exploration team for springs and wells, OOooops Wilson's Establishment, Celebrated Springs book update, Hospital Fountain presented with St Werstan Award, Droitwich Canals reopened, Copper theft Holyrood House, Mulberry Tree amazing result, Jacob's Fountain update.
NEWSLETTER 38 dated August 2011.
Hospital Fountain to receive St Werstan Award, Witley Court Fountains, theft at Tudor Hotel, Chalice Well Glastonbury, Wilson's Fountain replacement, OOooooooooops Hay Well Baths lost, Mount Rushmore, religion and naming springs, Dr Jacob's fountain.

NEWSLETTER 37 dated June 2011.
Malvern's Mount Rushmore, Hospital Fountain - St Werstan Award nomination, thermal energy at Colwall, Southstone Rock, preserving Malvern's natural stone heritage, new religious associations with springs and wells queried, water cure demonstration, end of an era at Colwall, Barnards Green Trough wins well decorating.
NEWSLETTER 36 dated March 2011.
Malvern Museum gets Colwall artefacts, Earth Heritage Trust, Thieves at Tudor Hotel, Schweppes Abbey Well, Tank House listed, Shakespear Shaw and Mulberry Trees, New Hospital gets fountain, Goat Spring and Rory Bayliss, Save Bernard Mulberry Tree.

NEWSLETTER 35 dated January 2011.
Stone Bottle Fountain saved, Cora on TV Country Tracks/Blue Plaque Trail, Mulberry Tree picture rediscovered, Malvern Museum deluged in Malvern Water, Banana Skin slip-up in National Park, Historic artefacts discovered, Blue Soda Siphon, Jacob's Fountain no progress, Life without Water/taps and wells.

NEWSLETTER 34 dated November 2010.
Malvern Water bottling ceases, The Spring on Belle Vue Terrace, Florence Nightingale and Malvern spring water Civic Soc. plaque, Victorian ladies wee secret, Jacob's Fountain urns, Dowsing explained, Malvern Hills National Park, Famous Fountains USA, Good Bad and the Ugly drenching, Tudor Hotel sold, Mulberry Trees.

NEWSLETTER 33 dated September 2010.
Winter Gardens plates and Jacob's Fountain, Florence Nightingale in Malvern, US Quarters for National Parks, Link Top fountain, Malvern bottled water, 12 founts of Egio, Music at Spas book, Malvern Gardens Fountain, Mulberry Trees grow, Newsletter archive.

NEWSLETTER 32 dated July 2010.
St Ann's Well snippets of woe; Mulberry Tree visitor and Hot Springs USA; Good, Bad and the Ugly, Gila Hot Springs; Mystery Fountain; Comment on St Ann's Well; Trip to Marienbad; Castalian Spring Delphi; Florence Nightingale lecture.

NEWSLETTER 31 dated May 2010.
Hot Springs Coins; Grindrods Fountain; Newsletter Archive; Mulberry Tree; Marienbad; Nightingale book; Coach Tour; Conservators Parking; Cornwall Thermal Springs; New Book; Good, Bad and Ugly.

NEWSLETTER 30 dated February 2010.
Tudor Hotel Fire; Mulberry Saplings Survive; Dame Laura Knight; Jacob's Fountain, Epsom and Ewell Wells; Newsletters Archive Online; Newdigate Wells; BritishNationalParks.com; Expanding Interest; Florence Nightingale and the Water Cure; Celebrated Springs of the Malvern Hills.

 NEWSLETTER 29 dated January 2010.
Mulberry Spade; Swindon Fountain; Malvern Bottled Water; Jacob's Fountain and Protection; Droitwich Brine Baths; Holy Well Visitors; Malvern Hills Study; Earl Beauchamp's Eclectic; Ellerslie Plaques; New Book; Big Freeze.

 NEWSLETTER 28 dated November 2009.
Lord Sandys; St Ethelbert's Hereford; Australian Visitors; National Park Status; Holy Well Water Bottled; Grindrod's Fountain Fenced; Mulberry Tree Plans; World War II Relic Damaged; Mulberry Tree Site.

 NEWSLETTER 27 dated September 2009.
Mulberry Trees Arrive; Wendy Hiller; Chinese Malvern; Hot Springs Carolina; St Ethelbert's Well; Labyrinth and Mulberry Tree Comment; Preseli Hills; Malvern Water Painting; Malvern National Park.

NEWSLETTER 26 dated March 2009.
St Werstan Award Presentation; Deerhurst Lecture; Wobbly Spout; Holy Well Update; Court Road Spout; English Mountain Water; Mulberry Tree Australia; Well Decorating Report; Chattanoogas Fountain Near Disaster.

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