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Newsletters 76-100

Friends of Malvern Springs and Wells promote research, conservation and celebration of the Springs, Spouts, Fountains and Holy Wells of the Malvern Hills and of Great Malvern as a Spa Town. This provides a vehicle for our international friendship with Malverns Worldwide. Our occasional newsletters are archived on line - click the relevant booklet below to go to a specific newsletter. This service is provided in recognition of the value of the newsletters as a research and general information tool. The copyright of all material remains with the originators and any use made of the information contained therein should be acknowledged by source, authors and date.
NEWSLETTER 87 dated November 2018.
Malvern Illinois and Malvern Iowa and the Lincoln Trail, Aboriginal Record for Malvern Melbourne, Mulberry Tree Barbados, Banff Memorial Fountain, New Horizons with Malverns Worldwide, Cottage in the Wood Spout, Web site on-line information destroyed.     
NEWSLETTER 86 dated September 2018. 
Mulberry Tree project LATE NEWS JUST IN, Morvern Scotland, Malvernensis New Holiday Lodge, William Langland window, Malvern Stars bikes, a surprise Treasure Plate.     
NEWSLETTER 85 dated July 2018. 
Mulberry Tree goes worldwide, Well Decorating 2018 and Founder's Prize. Holywell water for Megan and Harry Royal Wedding, Droitwich Baths and Spa makes a comeback and saline therapies, Harrogate Natural Waters under threat, Data Protection and Friends, Tenbury Spa pump rooms ruin.     
NEWSLETTER 84 dated May 2018. 
Pump Room Frieze to Tenbury Museum, Silk - Mulberry Tree Secret, St Ann's Reopens with OOOoopps, Weird Incident at Hay Slad, Springs in Jeopardy after failing tests, Jamaica trip abandoned, Malvern Appreciation Day in South Africa.   
NEWSLETTER 83 dated March 2018. 
Malverns Coburg Baths v Blandford Forum fountain, The magnificent Dudley Fountain, Tenbury Pump Rooms Frieze, Malverns Worcestershire and Johannesburg reveal golden past, St Julian's Chapel and Well, Elgar Square and Malverns Worldwide Visitor Experience, Malvern Holy Well and Foley Fountain, 2018 Well Decorating 25th year.     
NEWSLETTER 82 dated January 2018. 
Message from Malvern Barbados, Malvern's Worldwide a league of locations, Eye Sore to Eye Catcher Lamalou les Bains, Tenbury Wells Pump Room artefact unearthed, 1948 memento of Friendship from Malvern Victoria Australia, New Years greetings.     
 NEWSLETTER 81 dated December 2017. 
Malvern Appreciation Day 2017, The Chantry Well, British Camp Reservoir, Great British Spas loose the plot, Malvern Barbados joins Malverns Worldwide, Malvern Warwickshire we are not alone.     
 NEWSLETTER 80 dated October 2017.
Mulberry Tree cuttings, Scooting around the springs, Medieval Waumswell rediscovered, Street Fountains, Grubby Spring, French Abbey, Road Train, Malvernologists and Malvern Johannesburg, Florence Nightingale.
 NEWSLETTER 79 dated August 2017. 
Gifts from Malvern Pennsylvania, Have an Adventure by visiting a Malvern, Malvern near Perth Australia, Religions Mythology and Science, Bargain Hunt BBC TV, Mulberry Tree update, Coggans Well and Leat Tiverton, Pump Restorer wanted, Malvern Hills Road Train.
 NEWSLETTER 78 dated June 2017. 
Fake News - Fool's Gold, Chance Chapel pump, Malverns Worldwide envoys in Pennsylvania, meeting and plans for Malverns Worldwide, Mystery picture solved, Tank House arises from ashes, Well Decorating 2017 and Stone Bottle Fountain. 
  NEWSLETTER 77 dated April 2017.
Secret Gold Mining on Malvern Hills, Wandering Fountain Isle of Wight, Malverns Worldwide plans, Romance at the Holy Well, Mystery Malvern Card, 25 Years and Still Going Strong, Hampton Spout and Pool Gone, Malvhina Fountain, Route to Hills update.
 NEWSLETTER 76 dated February 2017.
Glass of Friendship from Malverne New York, Mystery Donkey Spout, Civic Week, Poolend Spout, Malverns Worldwide future plans, Eye Well protection, Spring discovered on North Hill.

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